With its bottom and variable top-feed mechanism, the machine widely adapts to diversified applications and helps promote the production of upgraded-quality products while increasing efficiency.

The durability of the walking foot has been dramatically improved

The walking foot provides stable feed at all times, assuring high quality. It also eliminates the need for proficiency.

The maximum top feed amount is 8mm

The top feed amount has been increased to assure stable gathering stitches.

Sure thread trimming mechanism

The machine comes with a thread trimming mechanism that performs speedy and sure thread trimming to achieve highly efficient sewing work.

The operation panel can be selected according to the process (CP-18A, CP-180A)

Two different operation panels, the CP-18A and CP-180A are applicable to the DLU-5490N-7. Both operation panels are provided with the production support function.
The production support function actually consists of three different functions (six different modes)

Ideally balanced top feed and bottom feed

The top feed motion ideally synchronized with the bottom feed motion to uniformly feed the upper and lower cloths, assuring attractive stitches and uniform gathering stitches.
This leads to a higher value of finished products.

Higher lift of the presser foot

The large lift of the presser foot enables the operator to easily set or remove materials and sew overlapping sections without any difficulty.

Newly developed control box/Compact-size servomotor (SC-920C/M92)

The new model control box, which energy-saving mode is provided. The new model control box SC-920C has been newly developed. The control box is resistant to voltage fluctuations, noise and vibration.
The new model control box is provided with an energy-saving mode for the first time in a control box for sewing machines.
It reduces power consumption during standby time when the motor is not rotating by approximately 25% (in comparison with the SC-910N).
In addition, the current DLU-5490N-7 is lavished with the latest energy-saving technologies, including the adoption of the latest compact servomotor M92, to be more friendly to theenvironment, as well as to provide the power reducing
effect and to increase productivity.