With its button feeder, the machine increases productivity.
The machine flexibly responds to the small-lot production systems applied for various kinds of products. The outstanding ease in its operation promises higher productivity.

The machine dramatically improves productivity

With its increased button-feeding speed and high-speed machine head capable of a maximum sewing speed of 1,800rpm the machine dramatically increases productivity. Furthermore, its button-discharging machanism and easy-to-adjust functions make it easy to change the setup when changing the buttons to be sewn, thereby eliminating wasted time at start-up.

The machine ensures remarkable ease in operation

The machine is provided with a wider sewing area to facilitate garment setting, and allows the operator to check the remaining quantity of buttons while remaining seated, thereby enhancing ease of  operation. Furthermore, the machine allows the operator to continuously sew buttons with pedal depressed, thereby helping reduce the operator’s fatigue.

Three different operation modes are available, enabling this machine to be employed by a small-lot production system

The three different operation modes available are the automatic button feeding mode in which the machine continuously feeds the buttons in the feeder bowl, the non-feed mode in which the operator manually places the buttons in the sewing position one by one, and the small-lot sewing mode in which the operator sets the buttons in place for one garment (five or six buttons) in advance, upon which the buttons are automatically and continuously fed to the sewing position. As a result the machine can employed by a small-lot production system by selecting the appropriate operation mode.