AB-1351 is the world’s first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns!
JUKI’s unique flexible automatic belt-loop attaching machine!

Belt-loop folding mechanism which supports various belt-loop specifications (patent pending)

This is the world’s first automatic belt-loop attaching machine which can be used for seven different belt-loop attaching processes. The main mechanisms have been computerized to develop a belt-loop attaching machine which sews diversified belt-loop styles.

Improved productivity

This machine not only reduces the time required for the belt-loop attaching process, but also achieves labor-saving, such as the elimination of the previous process (belt-loop cutting). Productivity can be dramatically increased when one operator attends to two AB-1351 units.
Productivity is dramatically increased when the operator attends to two AB-1351 units.
Two AB-1351 units can be operated by only one operator. In the case where two AB-1351 units are placed, as shown in the picture, the operator is able to operate them alternately to attach belt-loops on two different garment bodies, thereby substantially increasing productivity.