Return policy


 We believe that it is a very important part of our 100% dedication to our customer service that our return policy is well defined so that you can manage returns to us in an effective and efficient manner. By following this procedure you will be assured prompt credit for returned merchandise (unless no credit is permitted as set forth below).

 Return Periods for Different Types of Products

 Special Order Products

 Special order products include all original equipment manufacturer parts except for those that we advise you we stock for immediate delivery and those specified below. Special order merchandise is not returnable unless you receive different merchandise than the merchandise you ordered or the merchandise is defective. In these instances, the return must be made within 15 days of the invoice date of such merchandise in the manner specified below. No credit can be given for any merchandise received after this time or for merchandise returned as defective and determined by the manufacturer to be free of defects, as the special order manufacturers have strictly enforced return policies.

Brother, Eastman, Durkopp-Adler, Kansai, Maimin, Merrow, Mitsubishi and Singer Parts

All returns of these parts must be made within 15 days of the invoice date and will be subject to the restocking charges and other terms set forth below. As we have very strict time limits for returns imposed upon us by these manufacturers, no returns will be permitted after this 15-day period.  Because many of these vendors have high dollar value minimum restocking fees, you should determine in advance by consulting with us whether such return is even economically feasible.

No restocking fee will be assessed on these parts if they are defective or were ordered incorrectly by us, so long as such merchandise is returned to us within 15 days of the invoice date.  A restocking fee will be assessed on all other returns of these parts (if returned within the 15 day return period) equal to the fee we are charged by the applicable special order vendor plus $25. Again, no return of this merchandise is allowable after 15 days of the invoice date.

Stock Items

 All returns of regular stock items must be made within 15 days of the invoice date and will be subject to the restocking charges and other terms.

Returns Within 15 Days of the Invoice Date — No restocking charge (unless you have been advised in writing that the part or parts are non-returnable).

Returns After 15 Days, but Within 30 Days of the Invoice Date — A restocking fee of 25% will assessed on all returns of our stock merchandise made after 15 days and before 30 days of the invoice date (unless you have been advised in writing that the part or parts are non-returnable).

After 30 Days of the Invoice Date — No returns are permissible after 30 days of the invoice date.

Condition of Merchandise

All merchandise returned must be in saleable condition. We cannot accept for credit any merchandise that has been abused, misused, improperly installed or maintained, stored, handled or used in a manner that exceeds its reasonable or prescribed limitations. Merchandise packed in original manufacturers packaging must be returned in such packaging unless such part is being returned as defective and is being returned in compliance with all other requirements set forth herein.

Return Authorization Numbers Required — Subject to the other provisions of this Return Policy, Central Penn Sewing will accept the return of merchandise only if Central Penn Sewing has issued a Return Authorization Number for such merchandise.

Procedure for Obtaining Return Authorization Numbers — Regardless of the reason for a return (broken, defective, damaged, wrong, over-shipped, ordered in error, etc.), please contact a Central Penn Sewing representative to receive a return authorization number. Before a return authorization number is issued, you will be required to advise the the representative of the items and quantities being returned, the reason(s) for the return and the invoice number(s) on which you were billed for the parts being returned.

Failure to Obtain a Return Authorization Number — Failure to obtain a Return Authorization Number before returning merchandise will result in the return not being accepted by Central Penn Sewing and being sent back to the sender freight collect.

Method of Shipment of Merchandise Back — All returns must be shipped to Central Penn Sewing, freight prepaid. The return authorization number should be displayed prominently on the outside of your carton(s) so that your return can be immediately identified upon arrival.  Please do not return any merchandise to Central Penn Sewing freight collect as such shipments will not be accepted.

Credit for Freight Charges/UPS — Credit will only be issued for shipping if and only if the return is the result of a Central Penn Sewing Error.  If a part is defective, we will pay the UPS charges to have it returned to us and pay the UPS charges to have the replacement sent to you.  Original Freight is your responsibility.