LZH-1290-7, 1290

1-Needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine with Large Hook
LZH-1290-7 (Auto Thread Trimmer)

The machine is optimally suited for the sewing of sports shoes and leather shoes. The machine tenses thread uniformly over the zigzag stroke to produce beautifully finished stitches at a high speed. With its extended zigzag width, higher presser foot lift, and newly introduced horizontal-axis double-capacity hook, the machine upgrades the functions required for the sewing of heavy materials.

Wider zigzag width

The machine offers outstanding capabilities for the sewing of sports shoes and leather shoes that require a wider zigzag width. The zigzag width can be quickly and easily adjusted by the dial mounted on the front face of the machine.

Higher lift of the presser foot

To ensure smooth sewing of heavy materials, the lift of the presser foot is as high as 14 mm (13 mm for the LZH-1290-7).

Thread trimmer without fail (LZ-1290-7)

The machine’s unique thread trimmer mechanism allows the thread trimmer to cut the thread when the needle is either at the left or right end of its zigzag stroke. This mechanism also eliminates the need for adjustment even when the thread count is changed.

Consistent sewing performance at a high speed

With its newly incorporated triangular cam, the machine uniformly tenses thread in zigzag strokes regardless of the needle position, and the needle always enters the material at right angles. This prevents the needle from swaying during zigzag stitching.


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