Heavy Duty, Four Needle, Lockstitch Machine with Puller Feed

Parallel 4 row lockstitch seamer
Fitted with puller feed for even feeding and sewing of heavy weight materials
Long (38.1mm) maximum needle distance allows for greater flexibility
Built-in Puller
Front and rear needles are close together

The 42I4P four needle lockstitch machine is capable of lockstitching in 4 rows simultaneously and most suitable for multiple seaming (reinforcing) areas of such garments as corset stripping, blanket binding, light weight tents and parachutes, etc. The 4214P is your most efficient machine for quickly and evenly reinforcing areas that require strength.
The Puller feeder, for sewing heavy weight materials is very effective in achieving positive feeding of heavy and difficult materials It gives you the ability to make uniform seams without a struggle.

Sews four parallel rows of strong lockstitching
Easily adjustable stitch length
Puller feed for heavy fabric
Wide range of available gauges enhances versatility
Large maximum needle distance – 38.1 mm

Number of Needles 4 (Four)
Feeding Mechanism Drop Feed
Workspace Standard Workspace
Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 2500
Stitch Length 7.1 s.p.i. (3.6mm)
Needle 7×3 (DYx3)