• Perfect and accurate bobbin winding with no operator necessary
  • Types of thread wound include monofilament, nylon, rayon, cotton, synthetics and embroidery
  • Winds any type bobbin (L, G, M) with .237″ of 6mm opening including HA, DB, 400W, TC, 112W and
  • HSM types, embroidery metal bobbins.
  • Ideal for sewing and embroidery thread.

    Lower Costs
    Less costly than pre-wounds per bobbin and no large lot purchases necessary.

    True Color Consistency
    Pre-wound colors can often vary noticeably which affects sewn product quality.

    Reduced Waste/Better Inventory Control
    An operator needs only one thread spool instead of two.

    All thread winding is done in a central location which ensures that the correct quantity of thread is used to do the job – NO PARTIALLY USED THREAD CONES.

    Cut Machine Downtime
    Increases Operator Production – operator-wound bobbins consume operator time.

    Guaranteed Yardage on Each Bobbin
    Operator-wound bobbins yardage varies. The F-117C helps you avoid run outs/seam repairs/more bobbin changes, seconds.

    Consistent Thread Tension
    Ensures smoother stitches and neater seams.

    Better Production Planning
    CONSEW’s automatic bobbin winder lets you control the amount of thread being wound which permits better production plans.

  • Only 8 seconds to wind most bobbins
  • Hopper holds more than 100 bobbins
  • Automatic “shut-off” system when bobbin supply or thread is exhausted
  • No operator required
  • Built in circuit breaker
  • Two Thread Tension Adjustments
  • Digital counter permits you to pre-set amounts to be wound