Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine

Excellent seam quality

In addition to balloon-stitching (to produce seams with a hand-stitched touch), smooth sewing of chain-off stitches, and having other outstanding seam quality features of the highly regarded Columbia 100, the MP-200N achieves more improved sewing capabilities and a wider adjustment range.

Responding to the sewing of various types of materials

The machine comes with a box-type feed that permits a split adjustment in both horizontal and vertical directions, thereby responding to the sewing of various types of materials. Additionally, the inclination of the feed dog is also adjustable in accordance with the material.

Positioning of needles with increased accuracy

Gauges that are determined by the combination of needles and spacers are of the Columbia type.
This improves the accuracy of the installation of needle positions, which determines the seam quality.

Wider range of applicable needle gauges and yarn counts

Needle gauges support, using replacement parts, stitch widths from as narrow as 1.2mm to as wide as 5.0mm.

The applicable range of yarn counts has been widened from #60 to #8 (B33, Nm = 120/3) for both Tetron and spun thread. This allows the machine to be used for topstitching a wider range of items.

Uses of pinpoint stitching

It can be used for a wider range of applications requiring narrower to wider stitch widths.

Max. sewing speed2,000sti/min (stitch length 6mm or less)
NeedleNeedleSCHMETZ 29C150 (Nm90) Nm80~Nm140
Hook-needleSCHMETZ 29C151 (Nm100) Nm80~Nm140
yarn count
#60~#30, B33~B46, Nm=120/3~60/3
Max. sewing speed1,500sti/min (stitch length 6~8mm)
NeedleNeedleORGAN CP×1J (#22U) #18U~#22U
Hook-needleORGAN CP×12J (#23) #19~#23)
yarn count
#30~#8, B46~B92, Nm=60/3~30/3


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