The Saber C-Series computerized, cradle feed machine is a robust yet smooth operating material spreading system with models suitable for up to 2,200 lb. rolls.

Varying tension within a roll is controlled by continuously measuring the angle deflection of the cloth as it feeds from the system, and the system compensates accordingly.

This Windows-based operating system features a modern color touchscreen display, allowing the user to key in spread length and splices. Files can be uploaded via WIFI from a remote computer location, or can be generated on the spreader. Multiple files can be sent remotely to create a queue.

Standard Features:
Spreads up to 110 yards / minute (100 meters/minute)
Fast roll change, acceleration and braking
Roll loading equipment available

Riding platform – floor mounted
Rider guide track
Riding platform – table mounted
Double track
Flaw detector
Easy flaw removal
Width detector
Roller guides – no track
Integrated flaw cut-off knife
Custom working widths available upon request
Upgrade to 12″ touchscreen
Compatible with most marker file types
Upload files at machine or remotely
Ability to detect splices from a spreading file
Material File Management
Step Layer Capability
Ability to join multiple files into one spread
Control of end of loss length
Override of splice position by operator when needed
Cutting file displayed on the screen with zoom features
Real time viewing of machine position on PC display

Spreading Modes:
Face-up with knife
Face-to-face with knife
Face-to-face with catchers
Face-to-face nap with knife and turntable